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Deliver on the full potential of AI through performance monitoring and optimization, explainability, and bias mitigation.
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Let Arthur focus on model monitoring, so you can focus on:

fraud detection
self-driving cars
building cooler models
fraud detection

Advanced monitoring and alerting, so you never miss an issue.

Monitor all your models, no matter where they’re deployed.

Gain valuable insights into how your models are making decisions.

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“Our team has many models in production. With the Arthur platform, checking their output and status at a glance is easy. We can spot issues early and with the ability to introspect the model run, easily diagnose and fix models reducing downtime. Couple that with custom alerting, we know there won't be any surprises with our ML operations. Arthur gives us confidence that our ML systems continue to achieve high rates of accuracy.”

- Chris Poirier, VP of Data

Built with data scientists and developers in mind

Seamlessly integrate models from any development or deployment environment into Arthur’s monitoring platform. With advanced monitoring and alerts across a variety of performance metrics, debug issues faster—so you can spend more time solving interesting problems, not babysitting models.

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Use Case: Financial Services

Fintech company Truebill relies on Arthur to monitor the performance of its LTV and customer churn models, catching and fixing data drift before real problems arise.

Use Case: Healthcare

Health insurance provider Humana is using Arthur to monitor and mitigate bias in its preventative care models, ensuring fair and explainable outcomes.

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From performance optimization to risk mitigation, Arthur’s advanced monitoring tools have your back

A lot can go wrong when your machine learning models come out of the lab and meet the real world. The Arthur platform can help you detect, diagnose, and correct all of the core problems that commonly befall production models.

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Performance Optimization

Track your model’s performance with any of your favorite metrics to proactively identify opportunities to improve performance of your models, and detect data drift before it wreaks havoc on your predictions.

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Bias Detection & Mitigation

Identify unwanted bias in your models and get recommendations for how to correct it, to ensure that your models are accurate and you’re treating all of your customers fairly.

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Build trust in your machine learning systems with local explanations for model predictions, useful for both debugging and regulatory compliance.

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